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You’ve got significantfinancial resources, but are you being tax-efficient with your financial choices?.

In other words: Why pay more taxes if you don’t have to? At Left Brain, we can help you out with a checkup to keep your Taxes on track.

At Left Brain, we believe in tax-efficiency. We manage your complete financial affairs and keep a sharp eye on the ever-changing tax codes

Taxes hit us in every aspect of our lives, including our portfolios and our financial plans. As the tax laws constantly change,we strive to help you retain more of your financial resources. Our goal is to help you make financial decisions using tax-efficient strategies. We decipher the fine print for you.

At Left Brain we don’t only ask:

Is your money working for you?

We also ask:

How is your money working for you?

Should you be investing globally or locally?

How can you reconcile your annual losses and gains to lower the impact of taxes?

When is the right time to convert your Standard IRA to a Roth IRA

What are successful strategies for Net Unrealized Appreciation?

Is your estate prepared to hand off to the next generation with a minimum tax impact?

Charitable Planning: What’s the tax efficient approach?

Income Ordering:Are you taking your income to avoid the impact on taxes and SocialSecurity?

When is the right time to sell an investment and take the profit?

How can selling at a loss actually save you capital in other areas?

Any one of these factors can have impact on the others and affect the overall growth of your wealth.

Left Brain does more than just advise on your investments. We know that timing can be the difference in you preserving the maximum of your investment in your portfolio and that comes simply from diligent attention to tax law and your investment portfolio.

Is your current portfolio being managed with Tax Efficiency?

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