One of the keys at Left Brain is education. Of course, we want to help by taking investment decisions off of our clients’ plates, but we seek to create long-term partnerships with our clients.

Part of that process is that we do our own original investment research. As we developed our investment process, we realized that the available research from Wall Street failed to connect with our investment philosophy, so the only choice for us was to build an investment team of our own, trained in our image of what is a suitable stock or bond investment for our clients.

We feel that a crucial part of that relationship is investor education. Not only do we want to help clients to be more financially literate, but we feel that it is part of our mission to help educate the investing public!

On a periodic basis we release educational videos covering foundational financial concepts in a series we call “Fundamentals of Investing”. These run the gamut from what to do when you cross the $1 million net worth threshold to what is the best way to invest cash in the bank.

Below you will find three of these videos. You can navigate to our YouTube channel to see more of these videos and add to your knowledge base as an investor!


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