Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy is simple: we want to create, grow, and preserve wealth for our clients.

As a firm, most of our clients have done a great job of saving and are considered high net worth individuals. We work with individuals to help guide them on the path of creating wealth.

At Left Brain, we act as fiduciaries. That means we are duty-bound to work in the best interests of you, the client, minimizing conflicts of interest and giving you full transparency of the investments you own. Maintaining the ongoing trust of our clients is the most important goal for our firm.

The growth aspect of the Wealth Management process is what really makes our firm unique. We believe in methodical individual stock and bond selection. All our investment portfolios are constructed in-house, using our rigorous process of stock and bond analysis from our experienced team of investment analysts. Our goal is to capture market growth for our clients, not by picking the stocks of every company in an industry sector, but instead by selecting the stocks of companies we believe have the best growth potential, while always factoring in a balance between risk and return.

Selection of income-producing securities has always been a key area of competency for us. As interest rates move away from zero back to a level approaching more normal, we are seeing many opportunities develop for investors to lock in predictable and passive streams of income through bonds and other fixed instruments. Fixed-rate securities are one of our favorite ways to help clients replace their income in retirement and some even carry tax advantages. We like tax-free municipal bonds, as well as discount bonds, which offer the chance for not only income but also capital gain through price appreciation.

Preserving wealth is always a consideration for our clients. The benefit of creating our own investment strategies is that we can customize each client’s individual portfolio based on the investor’s time horizon, income need, and risk tolerance. No two clients are alike, so we believe each of our custom portfolios should reflect an individual’s needs, goals, and comfort level with risk.


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