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One of the aspects that makes Left Brain Wealth Management unique is the investment process. While many advisors move to the allocator model, we think the best way for us to deliver value to clients is to build customized portfolios of individual stocks and bonds.

Part of that process is that we do our own original investment research. As we developed our investment process, we realized that the available research from Wall Street failed to connect with our investment philosophy, so the only choice for us was to build an investment team of our own, trained in our image of what is a suitable stock or bond investment for our clients.

In 2019, we decided to offer the same research to the public that we use to make decisions for our clients. Both basic and premium subscribers to our investment research platform receive the 6-8 new reports we generate each month for our own investment purposes, as well as access to our library of 100s of investment reports.

Below you can see two examples of our research, one for a stock, another for a fixed income security.


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