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Our model portfolios contain the types of investments that we select for our wealth management clients. Premium subscribers to our research service receive each of these model portfolios as the key benefit of their subscription over and above our library of analyst reports.

Our investment team updates each of our five model portfolios on a quarterly basis in January, April, July, and October of each year.

We cover a lot of ground with these five portfolios:

Long-term growth model  

Our long-term growth model contains 30-35 of our favorite stocks that exhibit acceleration either in sales or in profits. These are the types of stocks we think have a realistic chance to double in price over the next 2-3 years, should our investment thesis come true.

Predictable model

These stocks tend to have steady cash flow rates over time and foreseeable rates of profitability. Sales growth levels are, on average, lower than long-term growth and these stocks generally have dividend yields of 2% or higher. 

Investment Grade Bond Model

The fixed-rate securities on this list carry credit ratings of BB+ or higher. Risk of default in these bonds is relatively low and, as a result, annual yields are lower than what you can expect with high yield bonds. 

High-Yield Bond Model 

Bonds on this list usually are associated with companies with potential for capital appreciation or elevated level of corporate debt. Securities we choose for this list usually carry an annual yield of at least 3% higher than a US Treasury bond of similar maturity and most times exhibit some plan for decreasing their debt over the coming years. In this case, we are looking for bonds of potential “rising stars” that have the fundamental underpinnings that we think have these companies in line for potential credit upgrades.

Income Security Model

These are bond-like stocks that pay out most of their free cash flow annually to shareholders in the form of dividends. These securities are most appropriate for investors looking for predictable passive income streams  


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