Investments are our main focus here at Left Brain. To develop our own investment strategies, we have to have a clear and defined decision-making process. That all starts with Jarvis.

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Jarvis® is our securities evaluation software system that we have built over the last decade with our software development team. Jarvis® is the starting point of our research process from week to week. Inside the system, we follow more than 1,000 stocks and 1,000 bonds, along with their business and stock price changes over time. The system helps us to keep track of fundamental and technical trends across all the securities that we follow.

As our software system allows us to identify securities that we think are interesting from a numerical point of view, each week we select a handful of the most interesting securities to send to our analyst team for a deeper dive. The reports our investment analysts return to us form the basis of our research service.

From a fundamental point of view, no matter whether we are considering stocks or fixed income securities, the process is the same: we want to see an underlying business with improving fundamentals.

In terms of stocks, we want to see businesses with strong and accelerating sales growth, along with profitability on some measure (free cash flow or net income), and maybe most importantly, strong and dependable management. For fixed income securities, the metrics are slightly different: we want predictable cash flows, a plan in place to lower debt and leverage, but this point remains the same – we need to be able to trust management.

Subscribers to our research service receive the same reports we use to make investment decisions for our clients. Our investment reports detail our thoughts of 6-8 businesses per month and whether those companies live up to the standards we set throughout our investment process.

As a subscriber, you will receive both our long-form research reports, along with our one-page summary of each of our reports. Our one-pager distills down the information contained in our full-length reports in an easy to digest “at a glance” package. Below you can see an example:


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