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Is your focus to be a client’s trusted financial professional and develop long-term relationships, rather than simply offloading these critical decisions to a third-party manager?

If your focus is being a client’s trusted financial professional and developing long-term relationships, instead of simply offloading these critical decisions to a third-party manager, if so we offer an alternative investment approach to the large brokerage firms that we think can help you deliver a higher level of service to your current and future clients.

As an Advisor with our firm, you’re a fiduciary, you own your client relationships, you place your clients interests first. You will have the freedom and flexibility to service clients with appropriate investment selections, without regard to other interests.

At Left Brain, we believe in selection of individual securities and strategic wealth management, an approach that has empowered us to help our clients achieve their financial goals. We specifically specialize in selecting individual bonds and other fixed-rate securities and we have a strategy that delivers income to our clients in a tax-efficient manner.

If you’re looking for more freedom and independence as an Investment Advisor and you want to have the ability to select solutions that best fits your clients as you earn a much higher payout percentage, we can provide that environment.

You will be more time-efficient and be empowered by our discretionary asset management platform. In the role of Investment Advisor, you will work to transition your existing client base to our platform. Overall, you will be responsible for assessing and providing customized investment solutions to help clients achieve their long-term financial goals. Our approach pursues above-market returns while managing investments in a way that minimizes your clients’ tax burden. Your goal is to demonstrate to clients and prospects the value of Left Brain Wealth Management’s customized investment platform, resulting in asset accumulation and retention.

Should you join us at Left Brain, it will be your choice to be based at either our Chicagoland or Downtown Miami office.


Series 65 or 66 license.

Extensive track record of professional successes.

Clean Compliance record.

Outstanding service-oriented communicator.

Possess comprehensive industry and investment knowledge.

Self motivated, highly driven with strong desire for performance driven compensation and growing earnings potential.

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